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The Indian Women’s Pocahontas Club, the oldest chartered club in Oklahoma, will celebrate one of its longest-running traditions with its Wild Onion Feast, open to the public, on March 14, 2020.

A Pocahontas Club member reminisces about her childhood: Spring Tonic – a once a year chance. Wild onions with scrambled eggs, salt pork, fry bread, grape dumplings and sassafras tea. This season brings the cleansing of the body and the thinning of the blood and fond memories of going with my daddy in his old white Ford truck. Walking through the woods alongside the running creek water until we discovered the green tips of spring peeking through the blanket of Autumn leaves. Raking the leaves back, we would dig carefully with our sharpened sticks, leaving the roots for next year’s crop. Then off we’d go to check out the green bark of the Sassafras tree. We dug only enough roots to boil for our special aromatic tea. Arriving home, we cleaned the wild onions and out we went to gather eggs. We all sat down, both family and friends at our traditional feast.

This year’s Wild Onion Feast will be held at the First United Methodist Church on March 14 from 12p – 2p. Doors open at 11:30a. In addition to the lunch, there will also be a silent auction and dessert auction.

To reserve your tables or tickets, call Ollie Starr today at 918-760-7499 or Jennifer Brunn at 918-402-3057. Tickets are $25 for adults, $10 for kids, and a table for $200.

The Indian Women’s Pocahontas Club has been preserving Cherokee culture and history for over 120 years. We welcome you and your family to share in our traditional feast.