Claremore Health and Massage: Relax in Downtown Claremore

A good massage therapist can be hard to find, so we’re making it easy on you! Amanda Preston attended the Healing Arts Institute in Fort Collins, Colorado, 13 years ago and currently owns Claremore Health and Massage.

Amanda practices all types of massage, including medical massage, recovery, and post-surgical scar tissue reduction, as well as lymphatic detox treatment, which is especially beneficial in cancer patients. Your traditional therapeutic massage is also popular; Amanda likes to offer a Swedish/deep tissue combination. She uses hot stones, Himalayan salt stones, and heat therapy as an added bonus. Cupping is available, too, which helps with detox, knots, scar tissue, and cellulite.

Amanda is also fond of energy work, similar to reiki, called Healing Touch. Developed by nurses, it involves working with your aura and energy. The first step is a body scan, which helps to find interruptions in your energy, which can then be fixed with Healing Touch. Anyone can benefit from it, but it’s especially productive for hospice patients and those dealing with PTSD.

Claremore Health and Massage also has stretching classes, which are a combination of yoga, pilates, and stretching. This helps ease neck and back pain and releases tension.

A free stretching class will begin on February 7, every Friday at 12:30p. Customized stretch classes for $1 per minute can be added on to any massage treatment, as well.

Corporate chair massages are another option, and this would be a great treat for your staff or for your next event! Amanda can come set up at your office and give chair massages for just $1 per minute.

Gift cards are available for all occasions. Traditional massages are $40 for 30 minutes, $60 for 60, and $90 for 90.

Amanda said, “I love my job and making people feel better. Massage should be part of everyone’s health routine. It affects every system of the body in a positive way. Plus, it prevents illness due to stress!”

Claremore Health and Massage is located in the Streeter Building at 104 S. Missouri Ave. To schedule an appointment, text 918-409-9090 or email For more information, visit

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