Learn Navajo Weaving at Shepherd’s Cross!

Shepherd’s Cross is hosting a Navajo weaving class January 9 – 11 from 8:30a – 3:30p.

Learn how to Navajo weave in one weekend. This is a basic weaving class. Class also includes fiber arts history and practical technology. Each participant will take home a finished Navajo Woven project. The Retreat fee is $299.00 and is all inclusive. We provide all material needed. We will provide you instructions for building your own loom (ahead of time), or you can use one of our Navajo looms.

This retreat is limited to eight participants (minimum of two), so register early! Class time is augmented by hands-on learning tools available in the Educational Farm Museum. The Museum also hosts a collection of fiber arts from around the world. Advanced Classes are available upon request.

So if you need a new hobby, a weekend getaway, or just a respite from the challenges of life, come on down to the farm. Feel free to bring family or friends with you and enjoy a few hours of peaceful farm life.

Now a little about the farm. Shepherd’s Cross farm is home to Heart of the Shepherd Inc., a public, non-profit Christian organization (501-C3) that teaches Biblical references to the harvest, animals, farming and gardening. Shepherd’s Cross is an accredited Agritourist facility and a Made in Oklahoma Company. We are open Tuesday through Saturday year round, closed some holidays. You can check us out on facebook or visit our website: www.ShepherdsCross.com – simply click “Classes” on the home page.