Melton Motor Company has been in business in Claremore for more than 75 years and has built a reputation of trust and respect that few car dealerships have. Because of this, it is very important that our employees reflect the values that have allowed us to stay in business for so long. We believe in keeping a family atmosphere here at Melton, and don’t believe in “flooding the floor” with salespeople. We currently have 5 salespeople and are looking to add one (1) more. We sell approximately 100-120 vehicles per month, which means that each salesperson averages anywhere from 15-25 per month. It’s important that the person we hire next be able to function in a high-volume environment.

We have some of the best hours in the car business, and often times will close on holidays or “special events” in order for our employees to spend more time with their families. We offer competitive pay and benefits.

We are looking for the following type of salesperson:

High character and integrity, self-motivated, team mindset, willingness to learn new processes, a “customer first” attitude, ability to work with multiple customers at once if necessary, prior auto sales experience is a plus, growth mindset, willingness to “go the extra mile” when needed.

If you think you would be a good fit with our team, you are encouraged to apply! Click HERE for more info.