Pixley Lumber Brings Kelly-Moore Premium Paints to Claremore

Pixley Lumber Company is proud to announce that it is now an official Kelly-Moore Paints Authorized Dealer. Kelly-Moore Paints, regarded as a top manufacturer of premium-quality paints, is now available at Pixley’s in downtown Claremore for all Rogers County area residents. Whether you are a professional or a do-it-yourselfer, Kelly-Moore’s wide variety of coatings offered by Pixley Lumber will get you a quality paint at a fair price.

Every paint made by Kelly-Moore is manufactured using the highest-quality raw materials to ensure paint applications go on smoothly and look great. In addition, all Kelly-Moore paints use advanced coating technology that creates a professional, even cover on any surface. With a commitment to making your painting jobs worry free, Kelly-Moore provides you a variety of premium paints.

Other than their outstanding paint and reputation, Pixley Lumber was also drawn to the Kelly-Moore family due to similarities with Pixley’s. With Kelly-Moore Paints established 73 years ago and Pixley Lumber 56 years ago, the longevity of both companies seemed like a great match. In addition, both companies’ mission statements are strikingly similar by stating commitments to service and quality products at competitive prices.

Now partnered with Kelly-Moore Paints, and other premium paint-related companies like Anchor Paint, Gemini Coatings, Old Masters, etc., Pixley Lumber’s paint and paint sundry selections provide coverage for all paint projects.


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