Two guys, two horses, one guitar, one country boy. One city boy, facing the elements on horseback across six states, 646 miles, riding for real country music awareness, documenting and recording the trip on video from Nashville, Tennessee to Depew, Oklahoma.
CJ Garton will be performing from 8p – midnight on Saturday, August 17, at J Farley’s in Claremore! Come out and enjoy real country music, delicious food, and awesome drinks!

Short Summary

Nashville country music artist CJ Garton and his oldest son Clinton are taking a “Ride For Real Country Music”.
They will be traveling by horseback from the singer’s home in Nashville to his family ranch in Oklahoma.

The month-long journey will focus on father-son time, being in tune with nature, and songwriting and reflecting. It’s a trip CJ has often thought about and now is the time.

CJ and Clinton will start the trek in July on their horses Pancho and Lefty. They will make friends along the way, camp, and share some of the songs CJ writes daily on the trail or has written including his new single “The Gun”.

What We Need & What You Get

What We Need

We need your support to raise $25,000 that will help recoup our expenses for the trip, the time we’ve taken off, and to help fund the editing and film for the project and the upcoming album for the songs written and played on this trip.

 What You Get

All items below will be on a donation level from bronze, silver, gold, diamond, and platinum

Blooper Reel

Raw Footage

Signed  Copies of the new album and the documentary

A Copy of the Album a Few Days Early Before the Official release

A Chance to get some of the actual items used on the trip

Country Boy/City Boy Survival Kit

Merchandise, Merchandise, Merchandise


The Impact

We hope to create awareness for real country artists and shine a spotlight on them. To help promote each other and let fans see there is a movement for young artists doing traditional country.

To give Clinton (that’s my son) an opportunity to see the world a different way, and experience the outdoors as well as the opportunity to further his aspirations of becoming a film creator through filming, directing, and editing the entire experience.

But most importantly, spending time with each other, and building a stronger bond between father and son and creating and documenting an adventure that will last a lifetime, not only for ourselves but for generations to come.

To inspire others to chase their dreams and know that no dream is too big to accomplish.

Risks & Challenges

There’s gonna be a lot of challenges on the way, from animals to terrain to weather. The dangers include:


Mountain Lions










wear on the backsides







and more

Other Ways You Can Help

Share, Share, Share! No amount is too small! We are just grateful for your support. Power in numbers.

Our Facebook is




And that’s all there is to it. Thanks for all your support!