Rising Musical Star: Travis Peck of moreClaremore!

Since childhood, Claremore native Travis Peck has been a star. Along with his younger sister, Hayley, he would create home movies featuring their own talk show called Stars of Tomorrow. Somewhere there’s a copy of him playing air guitar and lip syncing to George Michael’s Faith. And in elementary school, he stepped in at the last minute to play Jafar in the Claremont Elementary production of Aladdin.

As an adult, Travis is the PA announcer for RSU basketball, and he played Bert Healey in the community production Annie. He was also the writer and star in the 2019 Chamber Gridiron production.

Travis is active with Musician’s Haven, a local non-profit that often hosts jam nights, where musicians can get together for a couple of hours to play and sing. The regulars decided to call the group George Melton & The Bison.

Several years ago, Travis began playing guitar and singing, playing gigs at several local venues. But this spring, he jumped on to everyone’s radar when he wrote and sang The Ballad of Travis Meyer. He caught the attention of a larger audience, and was a guest on the KVOO morning show, playing his song live on the radio. They also played a clip of it on KOTV News on 6.

A few weeks ago, his sister Hayley (who has since relocated to Utah) came home to visit. Before she arrived, they worked on a few songs together. While she was here, they spent an afternoon at a recording studio, and they’ve now released a four-song EP.

Sneakers and a Six String by George Melton & the Bison, featuring Hayley Westwood, is available on various streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Amazon Music. You can also purchase the EP in its entirety on iTunes for just $3.96. Original songs include The Ballad of Travis Meyer, North of the Red Dirt, Sure Love You, and Let Me Be Me.

Travis is proud to be a Claremore native, and his Oklahoma roots shine true throughout the album. He lives in Claremore with his wife, Jessica, and his son, Preston.

Now that you’re finished reading this, please show some local love and download Sneakers and a Six String today!

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