Leading New York City newspapers heralded Will Rogers in Handy Andy as dominating the scenes. One wrote you could see his hand in writing many of the lines.

We have an opportunity to make up our own minds about Will’s reactions to his wife’s wrangling until he eventually takes up golf, when this movie shows Friday, July 26, at Will Rogers Memorial Museum Movie Night.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m., the movie begins at 7. Admission is free with free popcorn and drinks, compliments of Bank of Commerce.

Will is pharmacy owner Andrew Yates, devoted to his business, no other interests. On the other hand, his wife is more of a socialite. He sort of goes along to get along, even agreeing to sell his beloved business to the large Norcross chain.

He draws the line when his wife promotes their daughter marrying the Norcross fortune heir.

With time on his hands, he tries raising pigeons, causing chaos during one of his wife’s soirees; sets up a drug counter at home dispensing drugs to the poor – and finally at his wife’s constant urging, takes up golf.

He attempts at playing so hard she will ask him to stop do work. And then the Norcross chain fails — and the daughter marries the man of her dreams.

For another hilariously funny and yet thought-provoking movie, make plans for the next “Movie Night” to see “Handy Andy.” It was released in August 1935, the year before his death in an Alaska plane crash and 16 years after his first movie.