Getting Older Is Not For The Fainthearted: Tips on Assisted Living

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The saying, “Getting old is not for the fainthearted” is definitely true.  While there are a lot of benefits to growing older, grandchildren, senior discounts, and wisdom, there are some inevitable challenges, as well.  Additional aches and pains and at some point the possible need for assistance with medication management, daily living activities and healthcare coordination. 

Today, almost a million residents enjoy the  benefits of assisted living and other resident-centered care options.  These residents chose senior living because they want to remain active and engaged.  They value the lifestyle, choice, dignity, independence and quality of life, that senior living residents live every day.

Many people are confused about what assisting living is and what to look for and ask when finding the right setting for them.  Assisted living communities offer supportive amenities, services and care in a residential setting with the comforts of home.  Where staff is available 24/7 to assist with care, safety and support.  When you’ve seen one assisted living community, you’ve seen just one.  They come in all different shapes and sizes and offer a variety of features, amenities and prices.

The best advice is to locate and visit assisted living communities before a crisis.  Taking a tour and meeting the staff and other residents is one of the best ways to learn about the community.  Every assisted living community is unique, but there are common questions to ask yourself and the community before, during and after a visit.

Areas to consider, such as Environment (How does it look and feel when you are there?), Medication & Health Care (What services do they provide?), Services & Amenities (What services do they provide), Physical Features (How does it look?), Needs Assessments, Residency Agreements, Costs & Finances (What is included in their agreement and how much does it cost?), Individual Apartment Features (Are there different apartment sizes and what features do they include?), Social & Recreational Activities (What activities are available? Do they allow pets?), and Dining Services (What’s on the menu – selection and variety?), should be considered when looking for the right assisted living community for you.  To receive a brochure with a full list of suggested questions to ask, please email or call (918) 261-5700.

This information is provided to you by OKALA (Oklahoma Assisted Living Association) and the Brookfield Assisted Living, Claremore. 

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