Melton Sales Employee Earns TWO Perfect Scores from Secret Shopper!

I first met Ashlee Walker shortly after the birth of moreClaremore. I interviewed her about the restaurant where she served as a manager. She has a long resume of restaurant experience, and she’s definitely got a knack for people. Over the past five years or so, we’ve become friends. One year ago, she asked if I’d be a reference for a job at Melton Sales, in the Express Lane.

My first thought was, “What? She’s a restaurant girl. She knows her stuff. What does she know about working at a car dealership?” But I know her as a person. She’s honest and dependable, a hard worker and darn funny. So I sent in a good recommendation for her.

She admitted herself that she didn’t know about cars, but she was eager to step out of her comfort zone.

Ashlee just celebrated one year at Melton Sales, where she serves as Express Lane Advisor. Immediately after landing the job, she said, “It’s not really so different from working in the restaurant business. My job is to keep people happy, and get their requests taken care of in a timely manner.” It makes sense, really. Customer service is the bottom line.

As the Express Lane Advisor, Ashlee is responsible for greeting customers and handling their maintenance needs. The Express Lane deals with routine auto jobs, such as oil changes, with an average of 20 customers per day coming through the doors.

When asked what the best part of working for the Melton family is, Ashlee said, “They’re very family- and community-oriented. They’re always willing to be there for their employees, and they go the extra mile to make sure we succeed.”

Now here’s the best part of the story! Ashlee was recently targeted by a Secret Shopper. Twice. Based on a points scale, the secret shopper grades on various topics. Ashlee received a perfect score of 100 points…twice. This put her as #3 in the rankings out of 946 dealerships across the entire country.

If you’re looking for great service and maintenance on your vehicle, stop by Melton Sales and say hi to Ashlee in the Express Lane. She knows her stuff, and she’s ready to greet every customer with a smile. And she means it.

Ashlee lives in Claremore with her husband, Phil, and her three children, Corbin, Landon, and Taytum.

Keep it local, Claremore!

-by MCM Staffer Ashley,
who loves Ashlee AND Melton Sales!

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