Fit Musings: What are Your Goals?

What are your goals for the next month??

Here are a few of mine:

👉🏼Ā MoreĀ #stretching
👉🏼Ā #ExerciseĀ 5x per week
👉🏼Ā More greensĀ 🌱
👉🏼Ā MoreĀ #datenights
👉🏼Ā Less screen time
👉🏼Ā More Mom-ing and helping kiddos with various needs & wants
👉🏼Ā Complete work training goal
👉🏼Ā Dedicate time for the nextĀ #homeproject
👉🏼Ā More handstanding

What are some of your immediateĀ #goalsĀ ?

-by Fitness with Carrie

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