Would You Wear Your Mom’s Prom Dress? These Girls Did…and it’s Awesome

Sometimes we find random articles on the mysterious interwebs to share with you. In the spirit of prom season, we thought you’d get a kick out of the this. The only downside is, they’re calling all of these dresses VINTAGE, even if they’re from the late ’90s. Being a late ’90s prom attendee, I take offense to this, especially since some of these styles look VERY familiar! Vintage, indeed. -Ashley

I’m amazed that so many of these moms and daughters are the exact same size.

Mom originally wore this pink gem in 1987; her daughter modernized it and added some high-top kicks for a fresh look.

Mom wore the polka dots in 1990; the daughter had the sleeves removed, added a halter, and voila! Updated.

I’m sad that the daughter didn’t wear the black gloves.


This girl did one better and wore her grandmother’s red prom dress from 1957.

From 1986 to 2018.

The daughter looks much happier about the dress than her mom.

I LOVE this one! From 1987 to 2017. The daughter had the dress updated and it’s gorgeous!

’80s sleeves, be gone! Here’s another fun update.

This classic black gown sat in storage for 22 years.


I’m sorry. This looks like drapes to me.


Mom wore this pink confection to a military ball in 1988. Daughter wore it to prom; she didn’t even need to have it altered.


Oh, good. This gal DID wear the black gloves. Classic.


From 1996 to 2017…Mom looks like someone who would’ve been at prom with me.


On the left, we have the daughter in 2017. On the right, it’s Mom in 1987!

In these photos, Dad was lucky enough to pose with his wife and daughter, years apart.


Another classic 90s silhouette; this red gown waited patiently for 25 years before being worn again.


This looks shockingly similar to my senior prom dress, except mine was blue. Very mermaid-like. This gown was worn by mom and daughter 19 years apart.


Mom wore this red gown for her wedding, and her daughter wore it to prom. Pretty neat!


Mom opted for a formal look with this dress; daughter went for a funky, casual look 20 years later.

On the left we have Mom in 1987; HER mother sewed the gown for her. 30 years later, the granddaughter wore the handmade creation.


This looks eerily similar to my freshman prom dress (except mine was red). Time period is pretty spot on, so that makes sense.

No updates needed for this one. It’s a classic!


On the left is Mom, who sewed this dress herself in the 80s. Daughter wore it to prom and had to strike the same pose, just for fun.

Mom wore this to a military ball in 1995. The daughter had ordered a prom dress online, and it didn’t work out. So with only a few days left, she ended up finding this in her mom’s closet, doing some alterations, and hitting the the dance floor.


Well, if this doesn’t scream ‘Sixteen Candles,’ I don’t know what does. Even the shoes were recycled for the big night!


Okay, this is cool. On the top left is grandma, who wore the gown in the 1960s. Top right is Mom, bottom left is Aunt, and bottom right is granddaughter. The gown was worn four times in three generations.

What do you think? Would you wear your mom’s gown?


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