Claremore Students Did Something AWESOME

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting Legacy Christian School, where I began my schooling back in the Dark Ages. Kimberlee Francis is a third-grade teacher at Legacy, and she wanted to share with me something amazing that her students were doing.

First, a little history. Legacy students attend chapel each Wednesday, where an offering is collected. That money is sent to Legacy’s sister school in Nicaragua. With a lot of turmoil happening in NIcaragua, the kids were worried and wanted to come up with a way to help. Their first idea was to make coloring sheets and sell them to fellow students.

One of Kimberlee’s students, Isaiah DeLong, took things a step further. He began making necklaces and selling them out of his backpack. Every dollar that he collected went in the offering basket on Wednesdays.

Isaiah’s classmates were eager to help. Jaycie Lillie offered to make hair bows and bracelets. Parents stepped in; baked goods and slime were added to the list. A day was chosen to turn Kimberlee’s classroom into a “store.” The kids made fliers in computer class to spread the word to the rest of the school. On sale day, the Kimberlee’s kids were ready. All of their wares were displayed in the classroom. Each class took turns coming to visit and making purchases. The class goal was $250.

Before lunch, bracelets and slime were sold out. Kimberlee started a list to take orders. By the time I popped in to check it out, around 11a, pickings were slim. The kids were busily making bracelets to get a jump start on the orders.

By the end of the day, the goal was far surpassed, with the class raising $1,117. All of the money will be donated to the sister school in Nicaragua.

But the class isn’t stopping there. They recently learned about the parable of the talents, and stewardship. They heard about a class somewhere else that started with $50, and through hard work, managed to turn it into $600. Kimberlee’s students are determined to do the same. They will each start with $10 and see what they can do to increase it, helping their friends in Nicaragua even more.

Legacy Christian School, a ministry of Claremore First Baptist Church, serves students three years old through fifth grade. Open enrollment begins March 12. For more information, please call 918-342-1450 or email

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