Commissioners Approve Rogers County Resource Alignment Task Force

Back, L to R: Anita Barnett, Misty Underwood, Edie Tolbert, Crystal Campbell, Layla Freeman, Nancy Phelps, and Kellie Guess. Front, L to R: County commissioners Steve Hendrix, Dan DeLozier, and Ron Burrows. 

The Rogers County commissioners have issued an official proclamation to a new task force.

The Rogers County Resource Alignment Task Force is a group of ambassadors from area organizations who are working to fill in the gaps to provide assistance to those who need it. Community advocate and business owner Crystal Campbell said, “We are not forming a new non-profit. Instead, we have several who are working together to help even more people in need in Rogers County. Sometimes people need help and aren’t sure where to turn. We are here to help them, or direct them to the services they need.”

While funding continues to be an issue everywhere and the task force isn’t equipped to handle that, they CAN rally a community together to help schools, agencies, and programs affected by shortfalls. The group is taking a “boots on the ground” proactive role instead of waiting on help from the government that doesn’t know our name or our neighbors’. Community is our responsibility to care for.

Some of the resources the task force will provide are clothes, coats, shoes, and food. Home repairs are also on the list, as well as services for addiction or mental health. Having a liaison from RCSO helps connect law enforcement, in case a LEO comes across someone in the field who needs assistance, the task force will be ready to help.

An app is in the works to allow anyone to seek help at any time, and it also allows for anonymity, if necessary.

The agencies who are working on the task force include Stonebrook Project, Light of Hope, Rogers County Sheriff Administration, Rogers County Youth Services, Compassion Women’s Center, and His House Ministries.

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