Motivation Monday: Go Outside!

“The Average American Spends More Than 90% Of Their Life Indoors—Let’s Change That”

Check this out by MBG, and see the tips below to spend more time outdoors to boost our health.👌🏼🌱

—>It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when we started spending so much time indoors, but it’s not hard to understand why. Our 9-to-5 (and often longer) jobs, obligations to spend time with family, even our self-care routines are all culprits that keep us inside.

But it’s gotten to the point that the average American spends more than 90% of their life indoors. That’s pretty staggering, and we know there’s no simple answer to reverse it. We do know that study after study has shown that being outside has a positive effect on our mental health, happiness, and even our relationships and how we connect with others.

Let’s start small: Getting outside doesn’t have to mean taking a week off work to travel or sleeping in a tent in the mountains (although we’re so up for that). You’re probably already making it happen—shopping at the farmer’s market, playing catch with your kids, checking out a new neighborhood, and running with your dog. We’re hoping this gives you inspiration to make it happen even more.

Here are a few more ideas…
🌱Exercise outdoors.
🌱Hold a walking meeting.
🌱Find an outdoor volunteer opportunity.
🌱Choose the outdoor table when dining.
🌱Spend time touring your own city.

Which will you add to your weekly routine??

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-by Fitness with Carrie

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