Nevertheless, She Persisted

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Nevertheless, she persisted.

Nevertheless, she opened her mouth and spoke. She used her voice. It sounded small and unsteady in her own ears. But she used it anyway.


Nevertheless, she persisted.

Nevertheless, she dreamed. She imagined what life could be. She breathed in hope of the impossible. She let it fill her lungs. Her mind and her heart, too. And she refused to stop.


Nevertheless, she persisted.

Nevertheless, she held on. She wrapped her hands around all the fragments, and she. held. on. She had heard once that there was a beauty in brokenness. She wanted to believe that. Frankly, she needed to believe that. So she did. And so she held on.


Nevertheless, she stood up. She spoke up. She got up. She got out. She reached out. She believed.

Nevertheless, she sang loud. She loved hard. She gave much. She believed much. She dared to feel. She dared to be real. Nevertheless.

Nevertheless, she fought.
Wrapped in courage, she fought.
Teary and worn, she fought.
She fought for them.
She fought for herself.
She fought for all of us, really.

Every freaking day, she fought.
And every freaking night, she fought.
She fought for the lovely.
The joy, the beauty.
For the good she knew was rightly hers.

Nevertheless, she persisted.
And nevertheless, she made it.
Nevertheless, she found her path.
She embraced the journey set before her.

And so nevertheless. In spite of all that said she couldn’t. All that said she wouldn’t. She persisted.

And so nevertheless …

She lived.

-by Jai Wallace Tracy

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