Motivation Monday: The Best GOOD Fats

Healthy fats do have a place in a balanced diet. This doesn’t mean we should start gobbling high-fat foods willy-nilly. Certain fats are great for helping us feel full longer and provide health benefits. Other fats, like trans-fats, are no good for us however.

Below are some of the TOP sources for healthy fat. Which of these are you eating today?

1. Avocados
2. Salmon
3. Nuts
4. Chia seeds
5. Coconut oil
6. Greek yogurt
7. Olive oil
8. Nut butter
9. Whole eggs
10. Dark chocolate

It’s best to make sure our diet includes a variety of food sources, with a focus on whole, unprocessed foods, including healthy fats.

-by Fitness with Carrie

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