Claremore Non-Profit Gets a Boatload…No, a TRUCKLOAD of Chicken!

Layla Freeman started her non-profit, Light of Hope, after losing her daughter on Christmas Eve at the age of 23. She wanted to serve others in their grief of losing a child. That grew to include all kinds of services for those struggling with addiction or life difficulties. Originally based in the She Brews South location, Light of Hope has moved to a new location at 400 N. JM Davis.

Part of the goal for the new location was to start a food pantry, which is coming soon.

But she’s getting a HUGE jump start today!

Congressman Markwayne Mullin recently visited Light of Hope. At some point after that, he mentioned it to Tyson Chicken. Yesterday, Layla got a call from Tyson, telling her that they’re delivering a truckload of chicken breast patties to her.

A TRUCKLOAD. That’s 32,000 pounds. 1600 cases.

Layla cried with joy and then she and her team got to work. They spent the day calling every help agency and transition house in the area. They called the ministerial alliance, Oxford House, the Salvation Army, and She Brews. She called everyone, letting them know they could get some chicken.

Up until now, area Starbucks and Chick-fil-As have been giving their leftover food to Light of Hope. Items like baked goods, protein packs, and breakfast items have been put to good use at agencies like Safenet, She Brews, and Oxford House. DHS has been picking up food for foster families.

A HUGE ‘thank you’ goes out to Tyson and Congressman Mullin for making this happen and blessing so many people in our area. Light of Hope is doing great things in our community. To find out more about them, click HERE. 



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