Be an Action Hero in Claremore!

Beaven’s Martial Arts is bringing back the Action Hero Challenge! Dress up as your favorite action hero on October 13 and get ready to compete. This challenge is open to the public.

To enroll, stop by Beaven’s Martial Arts at 621 West Lowry Rd.

There will be 11 events to participate in:

Action Hero Obstacle Course

Action Hero Rope Climbing

Action Hero Pull-up

Action Hero Jumping Front Snap Kick

Action Hero Fast Roundhouse Kicking

Action Hero Standing High Kick

Action Hero Back Spinning Heel Hook Kick

Action Hero Power Board Breaking with Knife Hand or Hammer Fist

Action Hero Noodle or Padded Sword Sparring

Action Hero Sword Target Thrusting

Action Hero Wooden Sword Paper Cutting

3 – 6 year-olds will compete from 9a – 10a.
7- to 14-year-olds will be from 10:15a – 11:30a.
15 years and older will be from 11:30a – the end of the day.

2 events  $25
3 events  $30
4 events  $35
5 events  $40
6 events  $45
7 events  $50
8 events  $55
9 events  $60
10 events  $65
11 events  $70

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