Love Claremore? Join Our Group!

All of us here at moreClaremore love what we do; we love spreading rampant positivity for no reason throughout the community. We also do our best to keep everyone informed of as many events in town as possible, to let you know that there is always something to do!

But sometimes it’s not so simple to engage with all of our followers. So we have decided to try something new! We’ve started a group, All for More Claremore. If you like what we’re doing, please consider joining. It’s a fun little group where we can share all the HAPPY we come across. If you see a good deed done, share with the group! If you are a recipient of a random act of kindness, let us know! If you meet with a particularly friendly and helpful employee at a local store, tell us!

It’s nothing formal, just a casual page where we can share good things from Claremore. Please consider joining us…you can never have too much positivity!

Here’s a direct link to the group! 

With love and positivity,

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