Be a Mentor for a Claremore Kiddo!

Travis and I have both been mentors with the Volunteers for Youth PAL Program for the past two years. It’s one measly hour per week…anyone can come up with that kind of time! You’re matched with a kiddo and then you visit them at school once a week. If you’re really dedicated, you plan ahead some fun age-appropriate activities. I’ve had an 8th-grade girl and a first grader, so one year was spent doing Pinterest crafts and the next was spent playing Candyland and messing around on the monkey bars. But bottom line, it’s such a rewarding thing to do and it really helps these kids.

Currently, there are 34 area children who are on the waiting list for a mentor; 32 of those are boys waiting on a male.

Men, you can HELP these kids! If you’d like to learn more about the PAL Program, stop by J Farley’s Pub on Thursday, July 19, from 6p – 8p and get the scoop in an informal, no-pressure environment.

J Farley’s is located at 609 S. Brady.

-MCM Staffer Ashley,
who thinks Volunteers for Youth 

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