Claremore Area School Supplies: The List!


We will be updating this as we get new information! Happy shopping, everyone.

Catalayah Pre-Kindergarten

Catalayah Kindergarten

Catalayah 1st Grade

Catalayah 2nd Grade

Catalayah 3rd Grade

Catalayah 4th Grade

Catalayah 5th Grade

Claremont Pre-Kindergarten

Claremont Kindergarten

Claremont 1st Grade

Claremont 2nd Grade

Claremont 3rd Grade

Claremont 4th Grade

Claremont 5th Grade

Claremont: Bright/Anderson 

Claremont: Smith

Claremont Art

Claremore-Sequoyah Pre-Kindergarten

Claremore-Sequoyah Kindergarten

Claremore-Sequoyah First Grade

Claremore-Sequoyah Second Grade

Claremore-Sequoyah Third Grade

Claremore-Sequoyah Fourth Grade

Claremore-Sequoyah Fifth Grade

Roosa Pre-Kindergarten

Roosa Kindergarten

Roosa 1st Grade

Roosa 2nd Grade

Roosa 3rd Grade

Roosa 4th Grade

Roosa 5th Grade

Westside Elementary Full List 

Will Rogers Junior High Full List




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