Enjoy Live Wrestling in Claremore for Leyton!


Wrestling for a Cause presents Fight for Leyton: Freedom Rings in Claremore. 

Leyton Hull is a 3-year-old Claremore girl. She was born with a terminal brain condition called Holoprosencephaly, or HPE. Her parents, Jennifer and Arron, were told when Leyton was in utero that she wouldn’t survive until birth. Then they were told that she would make it, but likely wouldn’t take her first breath. Due to the HPE, Leyton also deals with Diabetes Insipidus, microcephaly, severe epilepsy, hypothyroidism, and dystonia. She is not blind, but due to small nerves, she can only see lights and shadows. Even with all of this, she is beating the 1% odds she was given.

Enjoy live wrestling entertainment at the Claremore Community Center (2301 N. Sioux) on Saturday, July 14. VIP area opens at 3:30p, doors open to the public at 4:30p, and the bell rings at 5p.

VIP front row tickets are just $20, VIP open seating is $15, and general admission is $10. This is going to be an awesome fundraiser for one tough little girl! Show your support for Leyton while watching some world-class wrestling!

Buy tickets online HERE! 


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