Take Sheep Shearing School in Claremore!

Shepherd’s Cross in Claremore is offering their American Sheep Industry Certified Sheep Shearing School April 12 – 14. The class runs Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 8:30a – 3:30p. 
Class instructors are Israel Vasek and Dr. Diane Dickinson.
Israel Vasek is a professional sheep shearer, and shears over 10,000 sheep per year.  He learned to shear with his father, and is carrying on the family tradition.  Israel is not only a quality shearer, but he is conscientious, and handles the sheep respectfully.  He and his family live in South Dakota.  We are honored to have him come to Oklahoma to teach this class. 
Dr. Diane Dickinson is a licensed veterinarian and agriculturalist, with over 30 years of livestock and farming experience.  Her unique perspective of animal husbandry care includes that of a producer, a veterinarian, the small flock & herd, global agriculture, Biblical agriculture, sustainable living, natural production, agritourism and niche markets.
What each student will learn:
How to shear a sheep effectively
Proper handling of shearing equipment
Sheep catching and handling
Skirting and grading a fleece
Maintenance of equipment and sharpening blades
Guided Tour of the on-site Wool Mill and of the  Educational Farm Museum & Silo
What each student will be given, to take home:
An official American Sheep Industry Shearing tutorial handbook and DVD
Upon completion students will receive a certificate of accomplishment from Shepherd’s Cross and from the American Sheep Industry
Additional Information
Each student will have the opportunity to shear one or more sheep.
Sheep & shears provided for use during the school.
No outside animals of any kind are permitted on the premises due to USDA regulations.
Please be prepared to sign a waiver & heed Shepherd’s Cross Rules.  http://shepherdscross.com/releaseform.html
Please bring any shearing tools you have, for consultation & use if desired.
Minimum of 5 registrants; maximum of 12 registrants. 
Shepherd’s Cross is an Animal Welfare Approved facility.  We hold to specific standards of humane animal treatment.
Please bring a sack lunch.  Morning and afternoon snacks provided. 
Total Class Fee: $245.00   ($75 & this form due by April 5 – call in or drop by for credit card or mail a check)
Our classes go a step farther than regular classes – we teach some history of fiber arts, and practical technology.
Shepherd’s Cross and Heart of the Shepherd teaches animal husbandry classes, wool processing classes and veterinary care all around the world.
Shepherd’s Cross hosts a mini wool mill, processing the wool from their 250 sheep on site.
Workshops are augmented by hands on learning tools available in the Educational Farm Museum, and with a collection of fiber arts from around the world.
Shepherd’s Cross is an Animal Welfare Approved sheep farm and processes Animal Welfare Approved fiber (that is chemical free, hormone free, free range, natural)
Heart of the Shepherd, the non-profit organization (501-C3) that operates at the farm establishes wool mills in remote, impoverished areas around the world. 
Other Fiber Arts Classes are offered on an individual or group basis throughout the year.
Advanced Classes available upon request.
Come to the farm and enjoy the peace of a few hours spent in the country.
The Bible Garden is available for guided or self-guided tours; audio or visual or both.  
Shepherd’s Shop, a quaint country gift shop, is an event in itself –  featuring a host of festive fall, handmade and farm related gifts and wares from many gifted artisans; a year round “craft fair”.  Gift shop open every week from 8:30 – 5:30 Thursday, Friday & Saturday. 
Shepherd’s Cross is an accredited Agritoruism facility, a Made in Oklahoma Company, a member of the Claremore Farmer’s Market, an Animal Welfare Approved sheep farm,  a producer for and distribution site for the Oklahoma Food Co-op.
16792 East 450 Road, Claremore, OK 74017            sheepfarm@shepherdscross.com           918 342 5911


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