When is J. Farley’s Opening in Claremore?


J Farley’s, an Americanized Irish pub, has been under construction in The Cornerstone for several months. Last weekend, Travis and I both had an opportunity to attend a special friends and family event to give the restaurant a try.

First, some background. Claremore firefighter Jason Farley lost his life in the line of duty over Memorial Weekend 2015. He was rescuing a group of small children during a flood at the time. Since then, two of his best friends, Chris Hayes and James Franklin, have longed to carry out their dream of opening a pub in honor of their fallen friend. Other decor in the restaurant pays homage to two other fallen Claremore firefighters, Guy Cooper and Jimmie McElwain.

J Farley owners are Chris Hayes and James Franklin. Hayes is a 20-year member of the Claremore Fire Department. The men became friends 25 years ago while working at U.S. Marine in Claremore. Bonding over fishing and motorcycles, the two are now more like brothers. Both were great friends with Farley and they’ve been through a lot together. Of course, Chris’ wife, Sarah, has been an endless source of hard work and effort in getting the restaurant ready for opening day. She will likely be found greeting diners or even busing a table here and there.

J Farley’s owners: Sarah and Chris Hayes, James Franklin

The restaurant will serve gourmet burgers, including the signature “F-Train”, which features grilled onions and jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, and a homemade strawberry habanero sauce. Several other burgers, hot wings, and a selection of salads, sandwiches, and appetizers will be available. A few dishes “from across the pond” will round out the menu, in a nod to the Irish ancestry of both Jason Farley and Chris Hayes. One menu item that sounds particularly intriguing is the Farley Fries, served with creamy beer cheese, bacon, and tomato. Other dishes include the Cheeto Frili Pie (A Jason Farley Favorite), The Rumney (breakfast on a bun), and the Bacon & Avocado Grilled Cheese, served on jalapeño cornbread.

On friends and family night, all guests were served a trio of Irish dishes. But first, a bowl of delicious pork rinds were served as an appetizer. Available in both original or spicy, they were delicious! The main courses served were Stoneyford Shepards Pie, Cookstown Chicken and Cabbage, and Bangher Bangers and Mash. Now, y’all know I’m picky, and I don’t eat cabbage or peas and carrots, which are evident in the Shepards Pie. I passed the cabbage to my husband, and he deemed it delicious. The Bangers and Mash were fantastic, covered with a hearty Guinness Gravy. And I found myself eating my words when it came to complaining about peas and carrots, because I ate that Shepards Pie like nobody’s business. It was served in a bread bowl, which made it even better.

J Farley’s serves craft beers and has a full liquor bar, as well. My Guinness was the perfect touch to the Irish comfort cuisine.

It’s really miserable weather now, but outside seating is available, too.

So now the answer to everyone’s burning question: WHEN ARE THEY OPENING? Well, all I can say is this: it’s this week, so swing by and see if the door is open. You might be able to drink a Guinness.

J Farley’s Pub is located in The Cornerstone at 609 S. Brady. Be sure to follow them on facebook to keep up with the latest news! 


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