I heard that some people don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Is that right? I don’t know if you do or don’t take the time on this random day in February to share your love for somebody else, but you still have to eat right? 
Anyway, I guess my point is this: Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday, not ideal for a getaway weekend or late night adventure. We have work and school the next day. If you have a special someone or celebrate Gal-entine’s or Anti-Valentine Day or Flag Day or whatever, there are some great local restaurants and eateries that can provide a short getaway with amazing food. 
If you have been following us lately you know we have found some delicious food right here in Rogers County. So if you celebrate this holiday of love or just like good food, you don’t have to go far for good fare.
Here are some links to our most recent “food videos”. Hammett House, Riverbend Ranch Steakhouse, Francesco’s and Fried Pie of Claremore. 
Riverbend Ranch Steakhousehttps://youtu.be/EP6c613UjdY
So Happy Valentine’s Day or Happy Eating Alone Day or Not So Happy Stuff Your Face Day. 
Enjoy something local, different, and delicious on Valentine’s Day.