‘Purses with a Purpose’ Event Returns to Claremore


Rogers County Sheriff’s Office has entered into a partnership with Claremore’s Safenet Services, Inc. to complete a special Valentine’s Day surprise. We have named our project, “Purses With A Purpose”. Safenet Services provides temporary shelter for victims of domestic violence. More specifically, on a daily basis they provide care for 30-35 women and their children. For Valentine’s Day, we would like to provide each of them a gift; small toy, game or coloring book/crayons for the kids, and for the mothers or other ladies we would like to provide a new or gently used nice purse with personal items they can use for themselves. Many times, these individuals escape violent situations with only the clothes on their back. It is our goal to include in each purse the following ‘specific’ items: lip gloss or lipstick, mascara, small lotion, small Kleenex package, small notebook and pen, breath
mints or chewing gum, and a personal card of encouragement and support (please do not include any other items).

We are asking participants to deliver each completed purse to one of the following drop-off locations. Safenet Services (1219 W. Dupont), Chick-fil-A (664 S. Lynn Riggs Blvd), or the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office, located on the first floor of the Rogers County Courthouse, by Tuesday, February 13th, so they can be delivered to the shelter in time for Valentine’s Day. If you are simply interested in providing a purse to our project, please consider partnering with someone else, to ensure that each purse is presented with the suggested number of personal items.

Thank you, Rogers County residents, for always helping others.


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