Claremore Citizenship Classes Starting Soon!


Libraries and Rogers County Literacy Council (RCLC) are cooperating in our community to achieve citizenship goals. Classes will start the week of February 12th. Rogers County Literacy Council has been awarded an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) grant to fund this project under the Library Services Technology Act (LSTA), administered by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.

Space has been allocated to “Citizenship Corners” displaying materials, showing contact information for resources and the pride our communities has in citizenship in the libraries in Catoosa and Claremore. In addition, the libraries will host sign up for the weekly citizenship classes hosted RCLC beginning the week of February 12, 2018.

Rebecca Barker with the Literacy Resource Office at Oklahoma Department of libraries (ODL) explained how this grant and cooperation began. “I was reading the Institute of Museum and Library Services blog, and they had formed a partnership with USCIS[United States Custom and Immigration Services], and were making libraries a community learning center that would help in the citizenship process. The initial grant was for the development of services between libraries and literacy programs to make the library friendlier and to assist immigrants who are seeking citizenship.”

Executive Director of the RCLC, Edel Godwin commented, “We could not do this without the funding through ODL. The classes include language improvement, learning to navigate the application process, learning about US history and civics, the USCIS interview. RCLC is proud to help serve this community need,” says Edel Godwin. Multiple small-group classes will be in multiple locations. Malinda Brown is the coordinator for this project. “Learners will learn the rights and duties of citizens how to use their English language skills in the written and oral citizenship tests, the literacy council is working hard to equip our community with the information and ability necessary to become U.S. citizens and active members of their community.”

In addition to citizenship in Rogers County 2018, RCLC is running the RoCo Reader literacy project (funded by Believe in Reading) operating in three schools in Claremore, ongoing adult literacy one-on-one tutoring for adult learning to read, a Sarkey’s Foundation-funded English Class and Digital Literacy Class. For further information, call RCLC at 918-277-4331 or 918-923-1338 or email

Rogers County Literacy Council presents the Citizenship Project. The Citizenship project is funded by an IMLS grant under LSTA (The grant is administered by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.)




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