Back in 2003, Debbie and Mike Stellas adopted two special pups. Both suffered from mange and the female also had a birth defect which affected her legs. They named her Zoi, Greek for ‘life’. She had no idea that she was considered unadoptable, and instead, lavished her owners with love and kisses.

Inspired by Zoi, Debbie and Mike decided to form a rescue group to help other animals like her. Their goal was to keep every animal possible in a loving foster home. Zoi’s Animal Rescue is now a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization operating in Claremore with a second location in Texas, where the Stellas’ now live.

Because Zoi’s does not have a facility, they are always on the hunt for foster homes, where dogs and cats can stay until permanent homes can be found. There are currently 47 cats and 83 dogs in care. To aid in finding new homes, the Zoi’s foster parents show the pets each Saturday at PetsMart in Owasso from 11a – 3p. They work with area shelters, as well. The cats are shown at PetSense in Claremore during the week.

If you are interested in being a foster parent, there is an application process. If you meet the requirements, (fenced yard, etc.), you can become a foster parent! Your task will be to give your temporary pet plenty of love and socialization. A crate will be provided for you, if necessary, as well as food. There is no monetary compensation for being a foster parent; your reward is lots of kisses and the knowledge that you’re doing a great thing for a helpless pet. For more information on becoming a foster home, please contact Pauline at

If you’re unable to offer your home, Zoi’s also welcomes monetary donations. Donations are used to take care of spaying/neutering each pet, keep vaccinations current, heartworm testing, and microchipping.

Other items that are welcome are anything a pet would need, including pet beds, food, toys, or blankets.

Interested in adopting a pet? Visit or check out Zoi’s Animal Rescue on facebook.

For more information on any of Zoi’s services, please contact Pauline at or call 918-928-9647.