The Ultimate Bucket List

You may not need to follow the list verbatim, but it’s always fun to live a BIG life! Here are some suggestions to get you started.

  1. Set foot on all continents.
  2. Live in at least two different countries with different cultures.
  3. Solve a Rubik’s cube.
  4. Learn a foreign language.
  5. Swim with whale sharks.
  6. Get drunk at least once.
  7. Bungee jump.
  8. Do the Mongol rally.
  9. Swim with dolphins.
  10. Go on a safari.
  11. Learn how to surf.
  12. Go scuba diving.
  13. Fly an airplane.
  14. Give a public speech.
  15. Get your body in the ultimate shape at least once in your life.
  16. Run a marathon.
  17. Run a triathlon.
  18. Go hot air ballooning.
  19. Ride a motorcycle.
  20. Sing to an audience. (Karaoke counts!)
  21. Volunteer six months abroad.
  22. Own your own business.
  23. Fish and eat your catch.
  24. Own a pet.
  25. Renew your vows.
  26. Watch the top 10 movies of all time.
  27. Hit up some white water rapids.
  28. Try rock climbing.
  29. Dive into the water from a cliff.
  30. Learn how to make sushi.
  31. Go to Disney World.
  32. Learn how to sail.
  33. Paint and frame a painting.
  34. Help a stranger in distress.
  35. Ride a rollercoaster.
  36. Drive the Autobahn.
  37. Spend Christmas on the beach.
  38. Get your B.A. or equivalent.
  39. Find a job you love, or create the job you love.
  40. Read the top five novels of all time.
  41. Sleep under the stars.
  42. Make a fool of yourself.
  43. Drive across an entire country.
  44. See a solar eclipse.
  45. Spend the night in a haunted place.
  46. Learn how to play a musical instrument.
  47. Drink beer at Oktoberfest.
  48. Sleep in an igloo.
  49. Brew your own beer.
  50. Go to the Super Bowl.
  51. Go to the Olympics.
  52. Write a book (or at least try).
  53. Plant a tree.
  54. Learn how to dance.
  55. Ride a camel in the desert.
  56. Ride an elephant.
  57. Grow a beard at least once.
  58. Shave your hair off.
  59. Go skinny dipping.
  60. Go to your favorite band’s concert.
  61. Climb a mountain.
  62. Learn how to swim.
  63. Party until sunrise.
  64. Go wild at La Tomatina.
  65. Go to the opera.
  66. Cross a country using public transportation.
  67. Get to know your neighbors.
  68. Travel around the world.
  69. Backpack through another country.
  70. Go camping.
  71. Feed a homeless person.
  72. Take a class you’ve always wanted to take.
  73. Own a sports car.
  74. Go skiing.
  75. Shoot a gun.
  76. Trek to Machu Picchu.
  77. Visit Angkor Wat.
  78. See the Iguazu Falls.
  79. Go kayaking.
  80. Dance at the Carnival in Rio.
  81. See a glacier.
  82. Take a bath in a hot spring.
  83. Try to beat a world record.
  84. Go to a drive-in movie theatre.
  85. Ride a gondola in Venice.
  86. See the Eiffel Tower.
  87. Fly a kite.
  88. Solve a jigsaw puzzle.
  89. Be an extra in a movie.
  90. Dance the Macarena.
  91. Eat fried Oreos/cheesecake/Twinkies.
  92. Float in the Dead Sea.
  93. Travel at least once by train.
  94. Go on a cruise.
  95. See the Northern Lights.
  96. Travel by yourself.
  97. Ride a horse.
  98. Fall in love.
  99. Learn how to juggle.
  100. Feel like the happiest person on Earth.

What are you waiting for?

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