Claremore’s ‘State of the County’ Luncheon: Cliffs Notes Version

Ron Burrows, RCC District 3:
  • Partnering with City of Claremore helps all smaller communities around us
  • A new company should be announcing its opening in Rogers County within the next couple months.
  • It would bring 300 jobs to town in phase 1 and an additional 300+ in phase 2.
Steve Hendrix, RCC District 2:
  • Completion of 193rd Street near Stone Canyon 
  • Oologah 169 bridge reopens 
  • Lots of new asphalt work throughout the district 
  • Partners with Heritage Hills, making it a public course
  • 5 new neighborhoods being built, 300 new houses in district 
Dan DeLozier, RCC District 1:
  • 30 miles of roads replaced 
  • Working with City of Claremore on multiple projects
  • Building bridge at Lowry, bike trails, Expo work, all of these projects touch Claremore. 
  • “Proud to do what we do.” 
  • Priority is safety and those people driving the roads
Scott Marsh, County Assessor:
  • Praised his co-workers. A great group of people that act like family. (Mostly good. Ha.)
  • 4,500 sales in 2017 in Rogers County.
  • Annual Performance Audit and Sales Ratio – Following state procedures must have 190 to pass, received 268 out of 275 score. Hopes for perfect next year!
Jason Carini, Treasurer:
  • 2.5 years into job
  • Defining moment, being ahead of schedule.
  • Focused on customer service, make it easier to pay taxes online. Accepting E-checks. 
  • New drop box at courthouse, can pay after hours or weekends
  • 5 locations – Chelsea, Inola, Oologah, Catoosa and Owasso.
Jeanne Heidlage, County Clerk:
  • Record keeper for county, 
  • Make sure tax dollars go to the right place
  • Updating healthcare for county employees, $746,000 in savings. 
  • New software platform, up and running July 2018, 
  • Provide records online, no cost to public. 
  • Digitizing records back to early 1900s
Kim Henry, Court Clerk:
  • Deals with Supreme court, place you pay tickets, file for divorce
  • New jury system coming soon, will be run by Supreme Court
  • Selects via drivers license, register online, picked by computer. 
  • E-filings for attorneys, coming soon. 
Scott Walton, Sheriff:
  • Best county government to work with in his career.
  • Challenges include city growth, jail population near 300, capacity 250. 
  • 4 corrections officers running entire jail. 
  • Focused on career criminals, no job, just using the system. Not loading up on unpaid fines, etc.
  • Wants Claremore to be “A good place to avoid, not pass through.” for criminals. 

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