How to Make Money on Your Kids’ Clothing in Claremore!


I’m really disappointed. My kiddo isn’t growing very fast. That means that this momma is tired of his wardrobe and ready for new things. The good thing about this is, I can still buy him new clothes at the fall Rhea Lana Children’s Consignment Event without breaking the bank.

Let’s be real; a lot of parents don’t want to spend a fortune on clothes that their kids are going to ruin. Because all it takes is one blueberry pancake breakfast and it’s buh-bye to that favorite dress.

Rhea Lana is the nation’s largest children’s consignment event, and it’s held twice a year right here in Claremore!  The first sale was held in the spring, and the fall event will be September 16 – 20 at the Claremore Conference Center.

Rhea Lana has everything you need for the adventures of childhood, from maternity clothing and baby gear like cribs, bassinets, high chairs, and car seats, to clothing for kids all the way up through pre-teen sizes, and toys, shoes, accessories….even furniture that’s not baby related!

It’s an upscale event, so clothing is inspected upon receipt. If it’s got holes or stains, it won’t be accepted for the sale.

Let’s talk about consigning. How do you make money? Well, the first step is to clean out your kids’ closets. Find all of the clothing, shoes, and toys that you don’t need anymore. (Keep in mind that for the fall event, only fall/winter clothing is accepted, as well as Halloween costumes, coats, and Christmas apparel. Save your summer clothing for the spring sale!) Next, download the Rhea Lana app and enter your items. With the app, you can use the Voice Entry feature and save a ton of time. No more typing in endless descriptions! And best of all, no printing tags! Rhea Lana’s happy volunteers will take care of that for you.

Consignors make 70-80% of their sales, which is higher than other consignment events. Consigning is an easy way to free up space in your closets and make some extra cash. Also, you get to pick up your check on the last day of the sale; you don’t have to wait two weeks for it to show up in the mail! And another of my favorite perks: you can check your sales online LIVE during the sale. You don’t have to wait until the end of each day to see how much cash you’ve made!

If you have a whole bunch of stuff to consign and are limited on time, check out the VIP Consignor program. VIPs make 40-50% of sales and don’t have to do a lick of work! Email for more information on that.

Stay tuned on the hours for the sale, and start prepping! Clean out closets, download the app, and start entering! Also be sure to follow Rhea Lana’s of Owasso-Claremore on Facebook to find out the latest news!


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