Claremore Police Officer Caught in the Act


Of being helpful and awesome! Jessica and Craig Wilbourn caught Officer Eli Vang on the scene of a citizen’s flat tire, helping the stranded motorist with a smile on his face.

Thanks, Officer Vang, for being amazing for Claremore and the police department!



  1. I’m confused as how he could do this, when a few weeks ago my battery died, and I was walking down the road in the heat. I flagged an officer for a jump and he proceeded to tell me that they can’t assist the public anymore in that manner due to liabilities. Then drove off leaving me to walk.

  2. I know they have always said can’t jump start a vehicle due to the radio, computer and all the other billion things in the cars so unless they have a jump box they don’t want to risk those things being ruined.. my thoughts.

  3. Wouldn’t a faulty Jack stand cause the same liabilities? Car falls off damages axle and so on. I’m just saying that if your not able to help one citizen in need. Don’t try acting like a hero assisting another. Most likely was a female and that assures me why it was done.

  4. Hurst Jake is right. The equipment in a patrol car is very expensive to have to replace. The radar, radio, computer if the dept has in car computers, siren, lights.

    The computers in everyones cars and all the electronic components in civilian or police cars can cost big money if something went wrong. There has been some people sue police depts after there car wouldn’t start & that has made a lot of depts adopt a policy of not jumping cars for that reason. It stinks but the liability a city or county won’t accept. The policy was made by city council & not the officer.