Student Volunteers Wanted in Claremore!

The Claremore Veterans Centers wants to remind our community that we can help your students meet their community service goals. The athletic, music, and band departments, Scouts, FFA, National Honor Societies, ROTC/Honor Guard programs, 4H and other youth organizations can discover countless volunteer opportunities by reaching out to our veterans at the CVC. Small acts of kindness can be life-changing for the students as well for our veterans.

The Recreational Activity Department often utilizes the assistance of community volunteers and service organizations to provide a well-rounded activity department, as well as to help promote community interaction with our veterans. To learn more about volunteering please drop us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to set up an appointment. We’ll show you around, introduce you to some of our volunteers and resident veterans.

If you are interested in setting up a Veteran Military Employee/Member Resource Group within your work place, organization, or business please contact Bert Ellard at (918) 342-5432 x366. He’s at the CVC Thursday – Monday from 7a – 3:30p.


Are you creative? Help interested residents enjoy woodworking and craft projects. All materials will be supplied.

Athletic challenges        

Our Boccia Team is always looking for a competitor! We practice most Tuesdays….

Tech Tutor

Work one-on-one with a veteran. Navigating tablets and smart phones!

Table Game Enthusiast

Spend some time polishing your domino, Yahtzee and card skills while getting to know our heroes.

Girl Scouts

We have lady veterans who would love to have some female companionship and have their nails painted!

Resident Escort

Escort residents to therapy sessions, Mass or special events within the facility.

One-Hour Visitor

Brighten the day by reading, doing an activity or talking with a resident.

Activity Assistant

Join the recreation staff and residents in baking, art projects, birthday parties and much more.

Special Events

Assist the Recreation Department and accompany residents on special local outings. Field trips, cookouts, picking pecans.

Chapel Assistant

Opportunities are available for volunteers to assist in church services. Assistance with wheelchair transport of residents to the services would also be appreciated.

Lobby Assistant

Welcome residents, guests and families in our newly remodeled Town Center and Cafe.  Assist with serving coffee and snacks and chat with visitors.

Decorator (seasonal unit decorations throughout the year and especially the holidays)

Music/media delivery service (interview veterans regarding their favorite music and create personalized Ipod Shuffle based on interview responses…deliver to veterans and assist them in setting up music/media);

Virtual community service (make wheelchair bags, lap blankets, greeting cards, write letters at home, a pen pal);

Wheelchair walker (accompany veteran on a stroll, on or off the unit)

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