City of Claremore has BIG Plans, and They Need Your Voice


This week, Travis and I were invited (along with several other folks from the community) to the Claremore Dreams 2025 luncheon, hosted by the City of Claremore. Led by Brandon Irby and Jim Thomas, it gave citizens insight into the city’s long-term plan.

Originally, the plan was for 2020, and then….things were getting accomplished much quicker than planned, which is great! So now the vision has extended out an extra five years.

The first plan was to tackle:
City planning

Back in 2012, when City Manager Jim Thomas first came to town, there was no city planner. Now Jill Ferenc serves in that capacity and is working to make the process easier for new business to set up shop in Claremore.

The new water treatment plant, which is nearing completion, will double our water capacity and hopefully solve current water issues.

Transportation was an issue due to a massive amount of traffic for a small town. With the new Legacy Transportation Plan, the dream is to reroute SH 20, eventually connecting to I-44. Also on the list is to widen Southaven Road (near DestinyLife Church), open up Country Club (which currently dead ends), and open access west of the railroad tracks. There is a lot of prime real estate in that area west of the tracks (south of town) that is begging for development.

As far as tourism, we didn’t have any national brand hotel chains, which was a turn-off to a lot of corporate partners. Now we have three: La Quinta, Hampton, and Holiday Inn Express, which also boasts a conference center, which has been tremendously beneficial in driving tourism to town.

New partnerships have been formed and continue to grow. AXH and Baker Hughes have continued to gain new employees and help the industry in our area. St. John’s Urgent Care, Planet Fitness, PetSense, MST Claremore, and Chick-fil-A have all been beneficial in boosting our local economy. And the City hopes to announce big plans for the Claremore Plaza (also known as “the dirt pile by Lowe’s) in the near future, which will draw several major retailers to our little slice of Route 66.

The quality of life has gone up in Claremore in recent years, with new events like the West Bend Block Party and Food Truck Thursday, which are free and perfect for families. Improvements will be made to the West Bend Green area as part of the 2025 vision. Two new splash pads have been erected, including the newest one at Claremore Lake. And let’s not forget the Claremore Mountain Bike Trails, which are ideal for both riding and hiking.

Additionally, the City is thankful for relationships with Cherokee Nation, the Claremore Expo Center, CIEDA, Rogers County, ODoT, and Rogers State University. These partnerships allow for greater growth in our community.

In an effort to gain insight from a variety of citizens, the City will be hosting four Town Hall meetings over the next few months. These meetings are open to the public. They will held in four different quadrants of the city, but you are not required to attend the one closest to your residence.

August 22, 6-8p, First United Methodist Church
September 14, 6-8p, Senior Citizen Center
October 19, 6-8p, Claremore Conference Center
November 16, 6-8p, Catalayah Elementary

There will also a public information meeting as part of the next Claremore Collective Think Tank Luncheon, which will be held on Thursday, August 3, from 12p – 1p, at North Block Common (115 N. Missouri Ave.). Sign up to attend the free luncheon HERE.

If you would like to sign up to receive informational emails about what’s going on with Claremore Dreams 2025, please click HERE! 



  1. I’m sure the photo was provided to you by the city, but isn’t the water treatment plant they are working on located at the lake? Doesn’t it treat potable drinking water?

    I ask because the photo in the article is of the wastewater treatment plant. I for one don’t care to be drinking out of that… just an observation.

    Brandon Irby, care to shed some light on it?

  2. I love Hwy 20. The prettiest place around here & you want to destroy that beauty. I drive it all the time & don’t see the problem. Of course is from Colorado & Oregon so I don’t need flat straight roads to drive safely.

  3. Who owns all that “prime real estate” farmland? And are they willing to sell it to the city or will they be forced to give it up at a cheap price for “development”?

  4. The land that “There is a lot of prime real estate in that area west of the tracks (south of town) that is begging for development.” Is in no way begging, in fact I’m pretty sure they fought the city before ultimately loosing their land. While there’s prime real estate out there it belong to an individual who had it taken from them.

  5. Debbie Haney Whiddon they are re routing Hwy 20 because of the hill having foundation problems. It’s slowly been falling for years and really is dangerous even tho it is beautiful! I feel for the people that have houses on the ridge!