Claremore Water Update


Public Announcement: Water line Cleaning

The City Water Department is conducting a high pressure cleaning of a our water lines.

Friday, July 14th starting at Midnight. 

1. From the water plant, water pressure will be increased to help clean out the lines.
2. This is being done at midnight to minimize impact.
3. Some citizens may experience water discoloration on Saturday morning, but this should not last long.
4. Our water department crews will begin flushing by opening key fire hydrants. This will allow sediment to be pushed out of the system. This flushing will also begin at Midnight on July 14th.
5. If you see hydrants with water coming out, this is the reason.

Please share this post. (sharing posts is one of the best ways to get the word out)

P.S. – your water will not cause cancer (despite what you may have heard) even the discolored water is safe to drink (although we don’t blame anyone for not wanting to drink it. This is America, the land of clear water!)



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