You Could Win FREE Pest Control for a Year, Claremore!


Spring is here…or is it?

Zoellner Exterminating in Claremore has a favor to ask of you. (Technically, they just opened a new office in Catoosa, but we’ll still claim them since they live in Claremore!) They are in the running for Tulsa People’s A-List, and they need your vote! Here’s a handy link: Just click on [services]and enter Zoellner Exterminating in the Home Pest Control field. That’s it! Fill out all your other favorites too, if you vote in all five categories, they’ll enter you to win a $500 dining package. Take a screen shot of your confirmation when you submit your entries (regardless of who you vote for) and email it to and Taryn will send you back a coupon for $20 off your next service! They do ask for an email at the end, but I’ve never received a bunch of junk from them, it’s really for individual confirmation (so one person isn’t entering their favorites 50 times).

Speaking of winning… Would you like a chance to win FREE quarterly pest control for a year? That’s a quarterly interior/exterior service at no cost to you! Here’s how to enter:
1.)  Like Zoellner Exterminating on facebook.. (A quick tip: to see their educational posts click on that arrow next to [following]and check ‘see first’. This week is Termite Awareness Week and they are posting information on what to watch for to protect your investment! They also share info on how to rid your home of ant infestations, identify odd pests and so much more.)

2.)  Like Salsa de Mayo on facebook.. (What is Salsa de Mayo, you ask? It’s an annual family friendly fundraising event in May with an Annual Chips and Salsa Taste Testing competition, featuring 15-20 of Tulsa’s favorite Mexican Restaurants, to benefit TFI Family Connections. TFI is a non-profit devoted to recruiting and educating foster care families in Oklahoma) Zoellner Exterminating is the main sponsor this year for Salsa de Mayo and they could certainly use your help getting the word out!

3.)  Share Salsa de Mayo’s page on facebook. Let your friends know about the event! Who doesn’t love salsa?!

That’s it! Easy right? They will be announcing the winner at Salsa De Mayo, May 13th. You do not need to be present to win, but we do hope that you will join the fun!

Home & Garden Shows are kicking off spring! Did you miss meeting the team at the Greater Tulsa Home & Garden Show? You can still meet them, ask questions, rat them out to the boss, or check out the creepy crawlies they carry with them by coming to the Rogers County Home & Garden Show March 24-26 at the Claremore Expo Center. You can also pick up one of those $20 off coupons to give you if you didn’t collect it with your voting confirmation above.

Termite Awareness Week! Lastly, they want to remind you again that termite swarm season (yes, there really is a season for that) is right around the corner. As soon as the ground warms up and the temps hit a balmy 80-85 degrees on a humid day, these pests will be swarming out of the ground, in unprotected homes and structures to start a new colony. It’s one of the tell-tale signs of a termite problem on a structure and Zoellner will be posting tips on their facebook all week on what to watch for and how to protect yourself! Think or know you have a problem? Call Zoellner today for a no-cost inspection & quote! Their termite specialists are honest and do not use high pressure sales tactics to get you to sign on the dotted line. 918-856-5424.

Not sure what it is? Send a photo of that bug to and they’ll help you identify what’s living in your home… or business!


Note from MCM Staffer Ashley: I use Zoellner for my home and they are FANTASTIC! Professional, prompt, courteous, and GREAT at what they do! The whole team is wonderful! 


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