Monday Motivation: What’s Your Truth?

What we say to ourselves becomes our TRUTH.

When we say things like….
🔹I can’t.
🔸This is too hard.
🔹I’m too tired.
🔸That’s crazy.
🔹My schedule is too busy.

Then it shall be.

OR maybe instead we say….
🔸I CAN do this.
🔹Why not me?
🔸I feel energetic today.
🔹I’m capable of doing hard things.
🔸Making time for this (or myself) is priority.

CHOOSE YOUR TRUTH wisely 👊🏼✨👊🏼✨

What are you telling yourself today? What’s your #truth ?
#tellyourselfpositivetruths #ican #wecan #motivation #mondaymotivation#letsgo

-by Fitness with Carrie

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