Breaking News from Claremore Movie Theatre!



BREAKING NEWS! Drumroll please……. Badadadadadadadaaaaaa…… Grand Re-Opening on Wednesday, December 14th at 6pm! Tickets will go on sale for all titles including Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on Monday, December 12th at 3pm! (Possibly earlier)

6:30/7:30/9:15/10:15 – White Christmas
6:45/8:00/9:15 – Elf
7:00/7:45/9:40/10:15 – Office Christmas Party

There will be a ribbon cutting and Grand Re-opening Celebration on Wednesday, December 14, from 4:30p – 6p.

Wednesday and Thursday is Pay What You Want for a Small Popcorn and all of those proceeds go to Variety Children’s Charity!

Multiple improvements have been made, including full-scale seat replacements! Aging static seats were removed to make way for luxury electric, leather reclining theater chairs. A new point-of-sale software was recently installed, the implementation of which has enabled reserved seating in all eight auditoriums! Never again do you have to worry about which seat you will have because you can reserve your specific seat at Additionally, the software allows guests to participate in the B&B Theatres Backstage Pass Loyalty Program, a rewards system through which repeat guests can earn discounts on tickets, concessions, and other great promotions.

Our concession stand and signage has been completely replaced, realigning the lobby with the B&B brand. An updated external façade and restroom improvements bring a new polish and shine to a wonderful hometown theater.

Customers will be excited to learn about the installation of self-serve soda fountains, which will afford them the opportunity to fill their own drinks, mix flavors, and enjoy free refills on all drink sizes.

You will be blown away by our luxury reclining seats and we can’t wait to show you the “new’ B&B”.


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