Get “In-line” for Fun at Claremore Roller World! 



For Angie and Jordan Hinds, the Claremore skating rink is more than their newest business venture; it’s full of fond memories, as it’s where they first met at the tender age of 13.

Now married with children, Angie and Jordan are successful business owners in Claremore. Dr. Hinds is a chiropractor and Angie runs the Bounce Factor, which is an inflatable rental company. (That’s bouncy houses, y’all.) Since the two businesses weren’t enough to keep them busy with their three young kiddos (sarcasm font), they decided to purchase Claremore Roller World & Party Center, formerly the Ne-Mar Skating Rink.

Personally, I used to spend a lot of time at the local roller rink. It was the place to go during the tween years on Friday and Saturday nights, and my parents spent many Saturday afternoons shuttling me to birthday parties at the rink. (This was after picking up a gift at my favorite place, The Bookstore & More at Ne-Mar. Ah, the good old days.) When I got older, I no longer frequented the skating rink, and since my child hates it, I don’t really think about it. So imagine my surprise when I found out that the rink is still there, and it’s better than ever!

Angie and Jordan not only met at the skating rink, they both worked there as teenagers, even after it changed owners. When they moved to Kansas City for Jordan to attend chiropractic school, they managed a local skating rink. As far as the sport goes, they’ve seen it all, and they’re ready to apply their knowledge to the Claremore Roller World.

skate3-minAs in the past, Claremore Roller World offers open skate sessions on Friday and Saturday nights from 7p – 10:30p ($6), and Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 1:30p – 4p ($4). Something new being offered is Adult Night, which is held the first Thursday of each month from 6:30 – 9:30p. Admission is just $6, and the music is from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. It’s open to skaters 18 and over. This is your chance to relive your childhood without running over any itty-bitty skaters!

For those little skaters, enjoy Tiny Tot Skate, also on the first Thursday of the month, from 10a – noon. It’s for kiddos under 6. They also have cozy coupes, toys, and games for those who aren’t sure about skating yet. Admission is $4. There will also be a special monthly session for homeschool kids, so keep an eye out for details on that.

Something else that’s coming soon is Zumba! It will be held twice a week beginning in January, so get ready to shake it!

Every Tuesday is $2 Tuesday, when admission and skate rental is a total of just two bucks. (Note: regular skate rental on all other sessions is $1, plus an additional $3 for in-line or speed skates.) $2 Tuesday also features snack bar specials.


Speaking of the snack bar, it’s open during every session and includes such popular goodies like nachos, pizza, cheese sticks, chips, candy, and Pepsi products. Hot dogs coming soon!


Birthday parties at the skating rink have always been popular, and that continues. They are held during regular skate sessions, and the fee is $60. That includes admission, skate rental, and a small drink for 10 kids. Each additional child is just $6 extra. Parents can bring in cake and ice cream.

If you prefer a private event, that’s an option, too. You can rent the rink for two hours for $240. You’ll have the DJ playing games and music for your guests, and you can bring in your own cake and ice cream.

One tradition that returns this year is the New Year’s Eve All-Night Skate! The doors open at 7p, although skaters can come at any time. The $30 admission fee includes skate rental, pizza, drinks, snacks, and breakfast. In addition to skating, there will be games like dodgeball, and a hula hoop contest. Open to all ages! (There will be security posted at the door so kids can’t leave.)

Angie and Jordan are working to come up with lots of other new events and activities, too, so stay tuned. Some of their immediate plans include sprucing up the restrooms, some new paint, and new arcade games. They’re also working to bring back the pro shop, which has closed in recent years. The goal is for kids to see how fun it is to have their own skates, and inspire them to love the sport as much as Angie and Jordan do. It has been such a big part of their lives, and they want to share the passion with others.

To keep up with the growth of the Claremore Roller World & Party Center, follow them on facebook. For questions, please send a private message to the facebook page, send an email to, or call 918-343-FUNN (3866). Claremore Roller World is located at 950 W. 4th St., behind Arby’s. Credit cards now accepted!

Come get your skate on, Claremore!

-MCM Staffer Ashley,
who used to rock the skating rink
version of Red Light, Green Light


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