What Do You Do, moreClaremore?

What does moreClaremore do? Somebody asked us that just last week. Let me explain from an insider’s perspective. First and foremost, we want to celebrate those things that make living in Claremore great. Our intentions from the beginning have been clear: to provide Claremore with a place to share feel-good stories while informing everyone about the events that help us come together.
Are you an online newspaper? We have a journalistic take on things and do our best to bring you breaking news in and around the community. The catch is, we want to highlight the good and focus on positive changes happening in our community. We know that mainstream media has a history of showing us the worst the world has to offer and we don’t turn a blind eye, but we are trying to shift focus for the good.
Do you sell advertising? Well, if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be here long. Another facet of supporting our town is getting the word out about our great local businesses. We do provide a wonderful platform that gives everyone a place to show off what they offer in/from their business. We offer a direct link between customer and service.
Are you responsible for the West Bend Green Block Party? Yes. We co-sponsor the event and have loved the response! The model is pretty simple. Live Music, food trucks and people (lots of people). Musician’s Haven, RSU Radio, DestinyLife Church and the Claremore Expo have helped us make this event possible and hopefully this year will be bigger than ever.
northblockfeatureWhy is your building called North Block Common, but you are moreClaremore? Our offices are within the NBC building, which is a shared office space. There are others that office out of NBC, but it is the headquarters for moreClaremore. If you need to send us anything, feel free: 115 N. Missouri Ave. Claremore, OK 74017.
When you ask somebody where they heard about an event, positive news story or overall fun time, we want moreClaremore to be the answer! There are many ways to go about doing your job. We do our best to choose the honest and helpful way.
– Travis Peck
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