The Daddy Diaries: Top Reasons the Kids Fought This Week

Top 11 Reasons Abby & Emma Have Fought This Week

Reprinted with permission from The Daddy Diaries 

Top 11 Reasons Emma and Abby Have Fought This Week

1) Emma accused Abby of losing her coloring book

2) Abby accused Emma of losing the Wii

3) Abby looked at Emma funny

4) Emma farted. Abby said it smelled like rotten vegetables. (It did)

5) Emma asked Abby to make her some macaroni & cheese.

6) Abby started playing a game on the laptop. Emma came in from outside and flipped out because “she was in the middle of a game.” From outside, apparently.

daddy diaries7) They were playing in the water, with the water hose. Abby sprayed Emma with the water hose. While they were playing with the water hose. I mean, THAT’S WHAT THEY WERE DOING. Let that sink in.

8) Abby was taking a shower. Emma wanted to take a shower.

9) Abby was pooping and needed some TP. Emma wouldn’t go get her any. (That was actually pretty funny)

10) Abby “cleaned” the kitchen. Emma said “ohmigosh Abby. You suck at cleaning the kitchen. (And she does)

11) Abby wouldn’t let Emma clean the nail polish off her fingernails

When do they go back to school, again??

-by Stoney Stamper


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