Money-Saving Life Hacks for Christmas

So life hacks are all the rage right now. I admit, I often read them and think, “Wow, that is a game-changer! I must do that!” And then I promptly forget. Perhaps others are better at remembering than I am, so I present to you: Money-Saving Life Hacks for Christmas!

If you like to eat potato chips but never remember to buy wrapping paper, this is a winner for you! Rinse the sour cream & onion dust out of the bag, turn it inside out, and use for wrapping paper or a gift bag.


If you’re going with a live Christmas tree, you’ll get a lower price the longer you wait. Apparently you can also haggle and get an even better deal. I wouldn’t wait too long, unless you’re in the market for a Charlie Brown tree. Also, a Douglas fir is your best bet for a live tree; they smell extra Christmas-y and won’t break the bank.


Shop for off-season items. Merchandise like outdoor grills and air conditioners are often deeply discounted this time of year.

grill snow

A lot of holiday (read: Thanksgiving) food items are on sale at the grocery store right now, so stock up on turkeys or hams, and holiday staples like pumpkin puree.

turkey store

Shop around: Honey makes sure you get the best possible deal when shopping online by adding coupon codes from around the Internet at the time of checkout. Sweet!


Check out, which has the lowdown on free shipping deals, or wait until Free Shipping Day on December 18 to shop. This is a great plan for procrastinators! 

Take advantage when friends ask, “What can I bring?” for your holiday gatherings. Let it be a potluck, and actually enjoy being the hostess for once.


If you receive a gift card from a place you’d never shop, you can sell it on Gift Card Granny! Additionally, if you’re buying gift cards, you can save a pretty penny by ordering online from GCG.


If your sister has nine kids and you only have two, it’s not really fair to be expected to buy gifts for everyone. It’s a great plan to have adults just buy for the kids. Another option is to draw names for adults, so you only need to buy one gift. It’s about togetherness, not material things!


For more money-saving life hacks for the holidays, check this out! 

-MCM Staffer Ashley,

who is now jonesing for some sour cream & onion chips



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