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RSU Letters v2 LR raw FB
by Marcus Arreguin
This photo spells RSU using photos taken at the Rogers State University Claremore campus. I did the R a couple of years ago as part of my boss Dr. Ray Brown’s name–I did a letter photo pic when he retired in 2012. The R is one of the capitals on the columns in front of Meyer Hall. Then my current boss asked for one to hang in the Innovation Center that says ‘RSU’. So I went out after work hours and found the S and the U. I found the S after looking all around campus for a S and not being satisfied with my results. On the way home from taking photos, I saw a swan in one of the lakes and immediately knew that is what I needed for an S. The U is taken from part of Preparatory Hall, which is famous for its gold dome. You can have a copy of your own if you go to the Fine Art America website that sells my works. The URL to that site is www.MarcusAphoto.com .
The finished work and photos are (c) Marcus Arreguin 2014.

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