Photos Taken at the Perfect Moment

Who knew the Headless Horseman played hockey?


This llama looks great in that hoodie!

Righteous ponytail, young man. enhanced-5412-1404241526-64

That must be Aladdin’s mom, giving a speech from her flying carpet….door.



It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a….flying dog? No. enhanced-9530-1404243864-13

It’s Mrs. Hunchback of Notre Dame. enhanced-9577-1404244471-42

Does this remind anyone else of the tent scene in Austin Powers? enhanced-9653-1404244472-62

Busy day at the office, just cruising home on the train. Woof. enhanced-11736-1404244492-42

Liev Schreiber sure has pretty legs. enhanced-13951-1404244471-77

Hair huffing. It’s a scary addiction. enhanced-14594-1404245567-112

Pure magic, that ref can shoot ice from his fingers! enhanced-20688-1404241488-93

And young Skywalker rode valiantly into…the rodeo arena. enhanced-20706-1404241461-49

Too much collagen!enhanced-21562-1404241345-78

I’d love to see a cruise ship on the back of a truck.  enhanced-28118-1404241426-68

It’s Dragon Dog! enhanced-28119-1404241507-98

What a talented dog!

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