10 Gifts for the Dad Who Has Everything

Every year it starts about Memorial Day, Kim starts asking me what I want for Fathers Day. Every year I play it off like it is no big deal, I want to hang with the kids, unplug from the everyday. Last year we took a family “hiking” day at the local university nature reserve. One of our favorite routine outings. But, the truth is, Dads, and I venture to say, most men in general like to feel the spotlight from time to time. So I thought I would help some out with a list of some things that have caught my eye as of lately.

Just in case you need a little inspiration, I’ve also put together these and a few others over at Pinterest.


Ok, so maybe cologne is a little cliche, but one thing that drives me crazy is being tied to a bottle of mediocre cologne for the duration of its life.  Problem solved, try a few on and find what you like. If cologne isn’t your style hop on over to Portland General Store their site is chocked full of Dad goodness.

Portland General Store is the premier creator of all-natural skin care products for well-made men and women. PGS was founded in 2007 by Lisa Brodar and Troy Tyler, who brought a fresh approach from outside the cosmetics industry and began crafting products, by hand, in small batches, drawing inspiration from vintage, all-natural recipes.



Again, with the non-committal here is another sample pack. This time from MistoBox. My sister signed me up for Christmas this past year, and it’s been great getting four fresh roasted coffee samples in the mail each month. They are featuring both small and large roasters, and there have been some great pours. If you need a little help with coffee brewing and prep, they have great resources for that too. I’ve enjoyed them, I think you might too.



Ok, no memory jokes here, but I find that if I don’t write it down, it doesn’t happen. Maybe you know someone like this. I’ve got one of these and it never ceases to spark a meeting conversation, and it might help ease the memory embarrassment with leather envy. We both know it won’t be because of the penmanship.

If you’re local, and feeling the time crunch, be sure to swing by Bison and Bear (427 S. Boston Ave., Ste. 102, Tulsa, OK 74103) and pick up some Field Notes or a Fathers Day Gift Set, they’ll hook you up.



Whether it’s his coffee mug or his nightcap, these will keep the cup rings off the side table or his desk. Handcrafted by Stitch & Hammer out of Boulder, CO these are sure to come in handy.

-Stitch & Hammer was founded in 2011 by designer and maker, Amy Tremper. Simple yet elegant design is what motivates us and we take great care in every item we make. Our goal is to create a product that evokes both traditional and modern qualities. We are passionate about what we do and we think that translates into our goods. Each item is designed and crafted in our studio based in Boulder, Colorado.


GoPro Hero 3.jpg

Seriously though, what Dad wouldn’t have a blast with one of these bad boys? Nearly indestructible, water-proof case, 1080p video, what’s not to love. Let’s just say we’ll use it to video the kids, and leave it at that.



Velcro is out, and let’s face it he needs to quit sitting on that mountain of receipts anyway. Help him streamline with this great looking wallet from Bison Made. They’re handcrafted, and will wear great.



Maybe it’s time to give Dad a little reprieve. Here is the vehicle. I’ve been following @Kammok out of Austin online for a couple months, and I will say this, these guys have a blast. Will be getting my hands on one of these bad boys.



Time in the woods, the ultimate gift. Send him packing with some new gear. I’ve been drooling over this thing for some time now. Whether he needs it for new adventures, or the commute to work check out the line over at Topo Designs.



I ran across Foster Huntington’s story last week, and couldn’t help but feature it. A beautiful book, wrapped in adventure and wanderlust. Foster is taking like to the road, check out more from him at A Restless Transplant.

“Months before I left New York and moved into my van,  I spent idle time scouring the Internet and books stores for photos of vans and other campers.  These day dreaming sessions gave way to contemplation and the eventual purchasing of an 1987 VW Vanagon.   More so than any object in my life,  with maybe the exception of a camera,  this van changed my life.  Once on the road,  I became fixated with vans like my own, and other people’s campers and started documenting them. “

I hope you make Dad feel like a million bucks this year. Thanks for stopping by. – Josh

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