18 Cheap Ways to Banish “I’m BORED!” This Summer


Make a big bowl of popcorn and challenge your kids to the Popcorn Olympics. 


Use a marble and pencil erasers to make a surprisingly fun mini bowling game. 


Make your own Ping-Pong with paper plates, popsicle sticks and a balloon. Much quieter than regular Ping-Pong.


Make roads for your kiddo’s cars using tape. It will remove easily when you’re done.


Or use your tape collection to create this crazy outdoor board game. Directions are here. 


While you’re outside, grab your sidewalk chalk and some wet sponges to create your own bullseye game.


Or use the sidewalk chalk and outgrown clothes to make chalk dress-up dolls.


Use items you have in your pantry to make Exploding Chalk Art. I’m totally trying this with my little one this summer!


For your sporty kids, use a tarp, markers, scissors and rope to make a fun throwing game.


An empty paper towel tube, a bowl, and some colored pom-poms from the craft section make a fun motor-skills activity for toddlers.


Or give your toddler a colander and some pipe cleaners. Quiet, easy entertainment.


When it’s rainy or too hot to play outside, why not have a camp-in, complete with “fire?”


Try this fun science experiment and make Alien Bubbles!


This reminds me of something you’d see on Mr. Wizard’s World. Remember him? Anyway, my kid would eat the strawberries before we could do the experiment, but it looks neat. Extract DNA from strawberries! Very science-y.


Keep your kids upstairs (I mean, busy) with this “laser beam” yarn game. 


Can’t go to Hawaii this summer? Have a blast playing “Escape the Volcano!” instead!


Make soap clouds in the microwave. (Apparently this only works with Ivory soap, and your house will smell like…Ivory soap.)


Make super-duper giant bubbles with this DIY bubble wand!

Hope this helps all you parents keep your sanity this summer!

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