If Advertising Slogans Were Honest…

I worked at an advertising agency in my past life, so I know that commercials aren’t always completely accurate. If advertising was honest, check out what the slogans for your favorite products would be!

Don’t act like you don’t think about that every time you see Jamie Lee touting the wonders of yogurt.30-oofVGsZ

Mmm, you smell sexy, grandpa!


Every episode is about Lindsay Lohan, right?

Armored trucks for suburban soccer moms everywhere! 

Cheaper than a doctor. That might be worth driving yourself crazy.


This actually made me sad. I really didn’t realize this.24-uy4YKkn

Or worked out. Or have a headache. All kinds of good reasons.23-Ir561Lj

Everyone buys Altoids for the tin. Not the mints that clear your sinuses in .017 seconds.21-hhmCxx7

Homeless hipster. Get it right.19-8UrRIR5

Just as boring, and leaves you with lots of unanswered questions.


I did a two-year stint of working at the mall. I gained 10 pounds. 98% of the blame lies with Auntie Anne.15-MGiUY4x

The water bottle that doesn’t fit in a cup holder. 14-L7O2u4x


This one made me laugh out loud.11-dxMZcYm

What’s the point?

Yet you still try in vain. Every single time.06-Lcy3cGy


It’s like a sick joke.


Don’t deny it.


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