Note from MCM Staffer: It’s been nearly four years since the launch of It’s been a crazy, joyful ride, and we are all so blessed for this experience. However, we have grown so much in such a short amount of time, that while a lot of good folks out there might be familiar with us, they might now know the WHY of us. Here, in the words of moreClaremore co-founder Amy Gordon, the WHY of Be great, be helpful. 

July 28th, 2011, is what I would call a game changer.  Zip, my 4-year-old at the time, was diagnosed with FOP.  We heard for the first time that there was no cure for this crazy rare disease, 1 in 2 million.  We heard he was going to grow a second skeleton.  Freezing himself within his own body if no cure is found.

How do you process this?  How do you understand such an off the wall thing?  What do you learn from it?  How are you going to handle it?  Millions of questions….The big one though “Why?”  I can explain this one.  My husband, Jacob, and I had that one answered the very afternoon we were diagnosed.

….Because it is supposed to happen to us.  He is strong enough.  His sister is strong enough.  And cross our fingers, we are strong enough.  It was our “thing” and all families have a “thing”, right?

These are the things I have figured out in the past two years.

What I’m not?

A good cook or a cook at all for that matter.  A master gardener, although I would love to be.  A people person.  A good singer.  Coordinated (sorry, kids, I think I passed this one on).  Forgiving of my self.  A doctor who can figure out a cure for my boy.  A person that can fix the train problem in my hometown.  An entrepreneur to open businesses that the community needs.

What I am? 

A wife who loves her husband deeply.  A Mama who loves unconditionally.  A daughter that can never repay her parents what they deserve for the life they’ve given me.  A sister who gets along with and gets to work side by side with her brother daily, and likes it!  A friend,  thank goodness for good friends.  A person that will see the good in things.  Trying my best.

545287_4593443158571_5004556_nWith the generous help of volunteers, my family hosted the first ZipperQ event in town in October 2012.  Everyone put their heart and soul into it.  The little town of Claremore, Oklahoma, raised about $140,000 for research for FOP.  That in itself is heartwarming and touching and amazing and will inspire us to do it all again this October.

But something else happened.

The community that I live in.  The one I grew up in.  They all showed up and supported my little boy.

Was it because he was MY little boy?


It is because Claremore is full of caring people looking for a sense of community.  We all get lost in the bad of today.  Yes, you don’t have to look too far, and there is bad everywhere.  But just for that one afternoon, people showed up and donated because they are good.  They want to feel good.  To hear the good.  Why do you have to look farther for the good than the bad??

It is because Claremore is full of caring people looking for a sense of community.

So, why not try to reach out to the GOOD in the community we live in?  Why can’t we have MORE?

agrm2launchMy brother, Robert, has the technical skills to try to help us all have more.  More of what we live here for.  Good things and good people all around us.  Can we possibly make it easier for people to hear the good things about our community? was built on the concept that there are a lot of good Claremorons out there and we just need a common thread to link us together.  No religion, no politics.  Just good stuff.

A community calendar that we can all go to in a centralized place.  All of the assorted websites of the community under the same page.  Contributors from the community that have something positive and relevant to say on a regular basis, but anybody can contribute at any time.

Claremore has a self-esteem problem.  We all know this.  But this is my thought…

You get up in the morning.  You shower.  Get dressed.  Tuck your shirt in.  Brush your teeth.  Brush your hair.  Look in the mirror and think positive thoughts about what you can go accomplish that day.

Do  you know that you still have flaws?

Of course!

Do you focus on them and tell everyone all of your flaws?   Or do you let them assess the situation, and maybe they will be okay with the flaws because of who you are.

Claremore gets up every morning and talks about county commissioners fighting.  Train track traffic.  Not enough restaurants.  Not enough retail.

Why don’t we get up and look at our positives.  Maybe if we look at the positives we will figure a way to fix our flaws.  I believe it happens that way.

If we believe our community has great people walking side by side every day, which it does, maybe one conversation some day will lead to positive things being said to someone who may be a potential investor in our town.

Maybe people will see that the world isn’t a big bad scary place.  This doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen.  I’m not naïve.  But seriously!!  The good stuff way outnumbers the bad and they don’t get half the air time.

There are plenty of outlets for bad things. is not one of them.

In our first meetings and concept conversations about MoreClaremore, there were two ideas that resonated with me and have became the core of the business.

1)   Don’t be Mean.

2)   Be great, be helpful.

Trust me, I have thought about these two lines many times.  How great and how simple are those words?

Our community is coming home.

Please join me.