Little Paw and the Moon

I had the pleasure recently of meeting local author Crystal Campbell Wood. You may know her as the wizard behind The Will Rogers Park Project. You may also know her as The Official Wife, the devoted mom of four who keeps everything running smoothly while her basketball referee husband travels the world. Okay, the country.

But when she’s got down time (that’s a joke!), she writes children’s books. I bought them both from her earlier this week for my short person.

“Grandpa’s Pocket” is obviously close to Crystal’s heart, as it is a story about her relationship with her grandfather as a little girl. It’s a little out of reach for my child (keep in mind, he’s only two), but it’s perfect for a kid that isn’t a toddler. Honestly, it made me tear up a little bit because it reminded me of MY grandpa, and his old blue pick-up truck and his pockets that were always filled with peppermints. Why do senior citizens always carry hard candy? Is it a rule?

IMG_3612We struck gold with “Little Paw and the Moon.” My son is obsessed with the moon, and he gets a kick out of pointing it out in pictures. You’d never notice how often the moon shows up in little kid’s books. (A LOT.) Little Paw is a sweet little bear who wants to go to the moon, and she learns a lesson about courage along the way. It teaches kids how to be brave, based on the Bible verse Philippians 4:13, “Christ gives me strength to face anything.” It’s a sweet story with cute illustrations.

If you don’t have any kids that need these books, and you prefer more grown-up reading material, check out The Official Wife, which is Crystal’s hilarious real-life account of being married to a ref. She’s got a facebook page that is a “must follow!”

Both books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Tate Publishing. Or the best option of all is to just buy all three books on Crystal’s website at The Official Wife. You won’t be disappointed.



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